Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bloom Books?

Bloom Books is an imprint of Sourcebooks that is for authors with established community platforms who want to have more creative ownership over the publication of their books.

Do you give books in exchange for reviews?

No. But Scarlett will do several giveaways that off opportunities to win one.

Will the paperback of King of Battle & Blood be up for preorder?

It's up now! You can order them here

Will King of Battle & Blood be available in hardcover?

Yes you can preorder them here Barnes & Noble | Amazon US | Amazon CA

Will you write about Aphrodite and Hephaestus?

Yes. Scarlett is planning to write this after finishing the Hades x Persephone books.

Will you write about other gods and goddesses?

Yes! Both Greek and otherwise.

When will you restock books and candles?

Candles are distributed through Novel Candle Co. Books will be restocked once Scarlett gets inventory, which can take 2-3 months.

When will the Bookish Box versions ship?


Will BB make special editions of all your books?

Yes, all books in the series are contracted for special edition copies.

What's your astrology sign?


Is A Game of Retribution out yet?

No, it releases May 2022. Keep an eye out for more information. Sign up for Scarlett's newsletter for the most up to date news!

What's the reading order for Hades X Persephone?

Proper reading order: A Touch of Darkness A Game of Fate (Hades POV) A Touch of Ruin A Game of Retribution (Coming May 2022) A Touch of Malice A Game of Gods (Coming May 2023) A Touch of Chaos (Fall 2023) "A Touch of..." books are Persephone's POV "A Game of..." books are Hades POV A Tocuh of Chaos will be dual POV