4” x 6” sticker sheet with four quote stickers from Scarlett’s newest novel, King of Battle and Blood.


Sticker Descriptions:


“All the stars in the sky are not as bright as my love for you.” -Half moon with stars with quote in the middle of the oval sticker. 


“You are my light,” he said. “And you are my darkness,” I replied. - Circle sticker depicting the moon and sun together. The quote lies both within the half moon and in the center of the sun. This sticker is colored a dark maroon and black with gold writing.


“Sing for me, Sparrow.” -Sparrow sticker with quote above the sparrow. 


“You think I want a wife,” he said. “But I came here for a queen.” -Half moon sticker with a black crown with blood colored jewels decorating the crown. 


Stickers are made on a waterproof vinyl material but have a matte finish. 


Each sticker is being made to order. So please allow for 2-3 weeks before shipping. 

King of Battle and Blood Sticker Sheet