4” x 6” sticker sheet with five quote stickers from various characters and books within the A Touch of Darkness series and A Game of Fate. 


Sticker descriptions:

“You wish you fuck me with this crown, I wish to fuck a god.” -Half moon sticker with quote surrounding a spiked crown.


“Blackjack, darling?” - Jack of Spades and Ace of Spades cards with the quote above. 


Stickers are made on a waterproof vinyl material but have a matte finish. 


Each sticker is being made to order. So please allow for 2-3 weeks before shipping. 


“Create the life you want, Persephone, and stop listening to everyone else.” - Circle sticker depicting hands decorated with jewelry. The quote is wrapped in a circle around the hands. 


“Don’t ruin this for me. I may be dreaming, but I’m about to live out one of my top fantasies—“ Unbuttoned pants with the quote surrounding it. 


“Fucking Fates.” -Simple quote sticker

A Touch of Darkness Series Quote Sticker Sheet