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Other Works

A Song of Sorrow
(Apollo & Hyacinth)

Apollo, God of the Sun and Music, is regimented, determined, and competitive—principles he applies to every part of his life, even relationships. 


The result? Apollo is often unlucky in love. 


Then he meets Hyacinth, a Spartan Prince who is everything he isn’t—carefree, boisterous, and untroubled. Hyacinth finds Apollo’s inflexibility ridiculous and breaks his control with his adventurous spirit. 


Suddenly, Apollo doesn’t feel so unlucky, but as he begins to fall for the prince, others are watching, and their jealousy will have dire consequences. 

A Song of Sorrow (1).jpg

Temptress of Fire & Fury
(Aphrodite & Hephaestus)

Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, was given to Hephaestus in marriage. She has long admired the God of Fire for his quiet nature and his brilliant mind. 


But Hephaestus is not interested in marriage and after one passionate night together, he releases Aphrodite from any expectation of fidelity. 


For centuries, the rejection leaves Aphrodite uncertain and shaken in her purpose. As a distraction, she strikes bargains to prove that true love does not exist—except that everyone around her seems to be finding their soulmate. 


Determined to confirm her beliefs, Aphrodite accepts a new bargain, but this agreement is not like the others, and soon, she discovers that she must fulfill the terms. Worse, failing could mean losing the only chance she’s ever had at love. 

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