Merchandising Opportunities 

Are you an artist or creator of bookish merchandise? Looking to sell your products inspired by the works of Scarlett St. Clair? If you are, we would love to hear from you! It is our wish to enter into a contract for a licensing agreement allowing you to legally sell such artwork and merchandise.


Scarlett St. Clair is the owner of the Intellectual Property (IP) that she has created. This IP includes character names, place names, quotes, and excerpts. An official license enters you into an agreement with the IP holder allowing you to use the IP in a pre-approved way (like art prints or candles). 

If an agreement is made, you will be able to describe your artwork/product as "Officially Licensed", which will allow Scarlett St. Clair to share your product at her discretion.

If you are interested, please fill out this form, (Merchandising Query). Scarlett’s personal assistant Leah Crowell will be in contact. Please make sure to include your full name, the name of your shop (as well as the website, if applicable), and a list of the artworks/products you wish to sell. 

Scarlett has a firm policy of not working with or endorsing any artist or vendor who engages in hateful or harmful behavior.