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Our Love will damn this world


Isolde is an INTP - A Logician
Have a powerful intellect and vivid imagination.
Love to analyze patterns and search for discrepancies, this makes it harder to lie to them.
Are open-minded and drive by curiosity.
Care about the truth, though they can seem disconnected from the world around them. This, also, can make them seem intensive.
Because they are constantly looking to solve problems, they can often seem dissatisfied with the present—this also leads to impatience and a wish for perfection.
Their ideal partner is someone who can challenge their ideas. Logicians take relationships very seriously. They are direct, honest, and see no reason to play coy. Emotions are difficult for Logicians, so they tend to shutdown or try for a more logical approach to solving problems. Despite this, they can also make for passionate and enthusiastic partners.