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God of the


Full Name: Hades

Nickname(s): Aidoneus, Rich One

Pronunciation: H AI - deez

Species: Olympian 

Job: Business Owner, King of the Underworld 

Height: 6’8 

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black, mortal form; blue, Divine form

Significant Other: Minthe (former), Leuce (former), Persephone

Hobb(ies): Drinking, riding horses, chariot racing, playing with Cerberus, Typhon, and Orthrus. 

Favorite Color: Red, Black 

Favorite Memory: Persephone 

Personality Type: ISTJ

Symbols: Cypress Trees, Keys, Serpents, Pomegranates, Cornucopia, Narcissus, Chariot, Horses

I love you. Even if the Fates unraveled our destiny, I would find a way back to you.