Dictionary of Terms

Valryn - \vælˈɹen\

A race of raven shapeshifters.  

Shadow Knight

Any Valryn who completes training and is given a rank. 


The training facility and fortress for the Valryn.

The Order

A select group of Shadow Knights, also called Elites, who have decision-making power over the Valryn and death-speakers.


Humans who can see and speak to the dead. 


A rank given to Shadow Knights which allows them to join the Order.  

The Eurydice - \yu̇ridəsē\

A soul incarnated into a body that can control the Thread of Fate, summon the Adamantine Gates, and ferry souls into Spirit.

Thread of Fate

A thread used to make resurrection coins so lost souls can pass safety into the Adamantine Gates.

Resurrection Coins

Coins containing souls that are made by the Eurydice using the thread of fate.

Adamantine Gates

The Gates that lead into Spirit.

The Black Lake

The pool of dark energy left after the Adamantine Gates. There are several Black Lakes, as there were once several sets of Adamantine Gates.

Charon - \ˈkerän\

The gatekeeper of the Adamantine Gates and creator of Valryn.


Any monster born of dark energy.

Cercatore - \CHERkatore\

A darkling that morphs into what you want most to set a trap and drain your blood.


Magic harnessed from the energy of the dead.


An incorporeal and powerful being that can be anywhere in the world at once, compelling humans to commit heinous and unspeakable acts. This being can also create natural disasters.


Offspring born of a coupling between a human and Valryn.

Exchange (Soul Exchange)

When the original soul inhabiting a being is traded (exchanged) for another soul. 


Death-speaker society.


A creation of Charon once used to guard the Adamantine Gates. In modern times, Hellhounds guard the Eurydice.


Records are a comprehensive database of reincarnations.


A comprehensive database with a variety of information on Valryn and death-speakers.