Goddess of Witchcraft, Magic & Ghosts

Full Name: Hecate
Species: Titan 
Job: Goddess of Witchcraft and Magic 
Height: 5’9 
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Significant Other: None

Hobb(ies): Making poisons, cursing mortals, threatening gods, torturing men who hurt women. 
Favorite Color: Purple 
Favorite Memory: turning gale into a polecat, turning Hecuba into a grim 
Personality Type:  INTJ

Symbols: A pair of torches, the grim, keys, polecats, serpents, Hecate’s Wheel

There's nothing black and white about loving you Hades, and if you think there is, especially for Persephone, you're an idiot. 

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