Hades doesn't feel worthy without trust. He needs you to believe in him, to find strength in him.






God of Prophecy, Oracles, Music & Song

Full Name: Apollo 
Pronunciation: Uh·paa·low
Species: Olympian
Job: God of prophecy and oracles, music, song
Height: 6'0
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Violet
Significant Other: Daphne (former), Hyacinth (former), Cassandra (former), Coronis (former), Okyrrhoe (former), Sinope (former), Amphissa (former), Koronis (former), (Sibylla), Acacia (fromer), Chara (former), Io (former), Lamia (former), Tessa (former), Zita (former),
Hobb(ies): Singing
Favorite Color: Lavender
Favorite Memory: Winning 
Personality Type: ESTJ
Symbols: Lyre, Laurel Wreath, Raven, Python, Swan, Bow & Arrows