Hades is all over you. Must have been a wild night. Makeup sex? 







 Goddess of Love

Full Name: Aphrodite 
Nickname(s): Sparrow 
Pronunciation: A-fro-die-tee
Species: Olympian 
Job: Fashion Designer, Business Owner, Goddess of Love 
Height: 5’6 
Hair Color: Blonde 
Eye Color: Sea Green 
Significant Other: Adonis (former), Basil (former), Anchises (former), Hephaestus (husband) 
Hobb(ies): Fashion design, reading, photography, decorating  
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Memory: Her wedding night with Hephaestus. 
Personality Type: ESTP
Symbols: Rose, Scallop Shell, Dove, Mirror, Pearls, Swan, Sparrow